The Beaches

The beaches on Lipari offer you everything you may need to spend a pleasant day at the seaside, that is, parasols and beach chairs and kiosks with snacks and fresh drinks.

The sea around these islands takes on every possible shade of blue, and the water is so crystal clear that you can see fish below the surface.

The many beaches come in all sizes, shapes or forms, that is, with sand and shingles at Canneto; all white sand in the areas where pumice stone is processed at the Spiagge Bianche area; with larger shingles mixed with smallish pumice stones at Porticello; and mixed with black obsidian stones at Acquacalda.

This location, which is about 10 km away from Lipari proper, and Cannetto, where the homes of the workers that toiled in the pumice caves where located. The name probably derives from the fact that the location once featured a thermal spring that no one has ever been able to find. Wild, splashed with rich hues ranging from pinks to yellows, also due to the sulphur content, is the delightful little beach called Valle Mura, which is 300 metres long; the ideal spot to sunbathe until dusk. Also, framed within steep cliffs that have been carved out by the unrelenting wave action, and can only be reached by sea is the charming little beach of Praia Vinci, right across from the faraglioni. At sundown, the magnificent view includes the Menalda and Pietra Lunga faraglioni and the Vulcano island.